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The pearl of the North

Riga, a fairy-tale kingdom

People tend to call the Baltic states a sandwich, and Latvia is the meat, not just because it's in the middle, and not because the neighbours Estonia and Lithuania are just the cover, Latvia does a hell of a job and has the treasures of it own, to merit the Meat status. There are many,qualifying the capital Riga, as "The paris of the North", or "the the second City that never sleeps", but believe me, Riga has its own qualities, not to be being compared to others.

It's the center of Europe, easy to access, with Riga Free Port that is situated on both sides of Daugava River, right in the beating heart of the city, Ferries to Stockholm, providing easy access to the Scandinavian countries, direct rail links to Rus­sia, for total access to 80 destinations worldwide. It's also a East western transport corridor , at the same time easy access to the South-North corridor connects the Port of Riga to the Middle East.

It's also called the Pearl of Baltics, many international companies are located in Riga, simply for the fact that's in the middle of Europe, accessible to everything, the Latvians speak at least three main languages, Latvian, Russian and English, many also Scandinavian and German. It's a bridge between East and West, with awareness of cultural sensitivities.

The Old town is spectacular in every season, located on the south coast of the Gulf of Riga, along the Daugava river, with many ferries and dining options. In its architecture you will see the multicultural atmosphere, each century has left something behind, it's one of the few cities in Europe, where Art Nouveau is very present, art and design objects have survived in great numbers...

Whether your trip to Riga is for pleasure or business, you will enjoy it, Latvians are considered as very reserved people, with good looking ladies and silent men, once you get know them, they will open up and welcome you. Many music festivals are going on, Blonde parade and so much more. Great dining options and great adventures to the greenest country, Jurmala is a great sea resort where to relax during hot summer days, swim into the Baltic Sea and spoil your feet with the white Baltic sand.... to get some adrenaline, husky dog ride will be just excellent, this offer stands in wintertime and also in a snowless season.

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