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European Capital of Culture

Riga, Force Majeure

Today, 17th of January 2014 Riga becomes the European Capital of Culture, this title is one of the most successful and high-profile cultural initiatives of the European Union. All the cities are selected on the basis of their cultural programs and activities that all must have a strong European dimension.

Riga has prepared special programs and events at museums, cafes and other venues, including exhibitions on Baltic amber and on the impact of the First World War on culture. That was a time, when three Baltic countries left their kids home and went on the Baltic Way campaign, Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania formed a human chain to express their hope for independence from the former Soviet Union, and so they succeeded.

On the side of Daugava River stands still the new built, biggest Library in Europe, Castles of Light will recall the events by passing books from hand to hand from the old National Library...

Cultural event 'Taste and Feel 2014!' will offer the public a taste of the year's cultural program. Latvian National Opera celebrated Richard Wagner's bicentenary in June 2013, this year fans of Wagner's music will have a great honor to enjoy a staging of Rienzi, an opera Wagner began in Riga.

An amazing light shows and fireworks are expected tonight at the river side, Daugava, over viewing all the city, fire sculptures created by teams from 12 countries - Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, Finland, France, UK, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Russia, USA and Australian. Later on the city Mayor Nils Usakovs will host a concert at Riga Arena, in the presence of Commissioner Vassiliou, entitled "Riga through centuries and cultures", featuring Latvian classical and world wide popular music artists, orchestras and choirs.

All this program of Riga's 2014 European Capital of Culture is called Force Majeure, bringing a positive impact of culture and the ability to swiftly bring positive changes to the city Riga and its residents. Riga offers more than 200 cultural projects and events, operas art exhibition and different festivals, the activities will be open for public from 17th until 19th January, so a busy weekend for Riga.

City: Riga
Country: Latvia
By: By Roberts Vitins
Published on 17-Gen-2014
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