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Go Blonde Riga, Blondes will shake the world!

Charity with humour, Jurmala Beach

When back in 2009 one of the Baltic capitals Riga was in economic crises, blond girls saved the country fulfilled with tourists attracting them with great blond parade trough the beautiful capital. All the country needed was a distraction from every day life to boost their morale, so leaded by former Mrs. Universe Marika Gederte, the blondes took the risk and decided to take the action to held their very first parade, as you might know it's a country of many blondes, all those girls dressed in pink went through the main squares in Riga to, it's all about charity with some humore, with the most beautiful blondes with natural smiles and positive energy.

This will be the fourth year of festival's Go Blond existence, and it will be different, this time it's moved to July 11th instead of May as every other years, and this time it wont be in the old town, it's moved to amazing Jurmala, beach town, where all the "monarchs" live...during the summer is packed with tourists enjoying Latvia's not so strong sun chilling on the beach and soaking up the fresh forest air. All tourist recommendations are taken into account and organisers are hoping to arrange an unforgettable and colourful weekend festival for each and every one to participate. The theme of the event is Pink Sensation.

There will be a bunch of international movement, cos by years it has been the main tourist attraction, featuring unforgettable and colourful weekend festival for each and every one to participate. The theme of the event is Pink Sensation. As the organisers, the Latvian Association of Blondes, says blond is just a colour, doesn’t really matter if you are naturally blond or not, every single women is's all about femininity, the festival will also present the contest of impersonating Marilyn Monroe, where any lady can try to look like the legendary actress. In one word, tourists are attracted by many blondes in one place , in a beautiful place called Riga, where the party will continue all night long for the long weekend with activities on the beach, and ending with tennis and golf tournaments, Harley Davidson bike parade.

City: Riga
Country: Latvia
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Published on 06-Mag-2013
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