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Capital of Champagne, Reims

Where nature is queen

We all know that France is a top country for the best wines, cognacs and the best champagnes...and if your holiday destination is Paris, do not miss also one of the richest cities in country, known as champagne town, Reims, which lies only 129 km away from Paris.

The city was found by the Gauls, and have become a major city during the period of the Roman Empire. Reims is absolutely one of the richest old traditions in France, at the same time being a very modern and lively regional capital, thanks to its great location. A town, where champagne is a life style, the best of all, you can just feel the refined atmosphere of the Champagne Houses, but that's not all yet, Reims is also known by elegance of its Art Deco facades.

Reims is always been famous by being the capital of Champagne, an old province of France made world-famous by its Champagne sparkling wine, also if we all know that in reality it's just the bigest city providing Champagne, it's only sous-prefecture of the Marne departement.

The finest and the best of the best champagne producing houses are located in Reims, known as les grandes marques, have their headquarters in Reims. The town is beautiful itself, if you are looking for a peaceful getaway, it's the place to be in, there are also tasting tours available by appointment.

Reims is not po and popular only for the Champagne, the world famous Gran Prix was hosted here for times, between 1938 and 1966, called Reims Guex. Sure most of the importance of the town goes to the bubble liquid, that is the reason why thousands of visitors are heading to Reims, to get some peace, enjoy the views of Winyards and of course taste the best champagne , which is cheaper than anywhere else....the atmosphere is unbelievably relaxing in here, with beautiful café terraces all around and great program of a huge and varied cultural events, Reims will be very welcoming, you will see it yourself, it's a town, where nature is queen, you will definitely fall in love with it, and Paris will be left in the shadow.

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