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Morocco, exotic gateway to Africa

Lyrical landscapes carpet

If you are open enough to see mountains, deserts, valleys and the sea, all in one, Marocco will be a great getaway to Africa...with its edgy and marvelous capital Rabat, and Marrakech which is the imperial city with fascinating medina and old, cosy cafes. Morocco is a country that has plenty to offer, with an incredible nature, that will leave any visitor breathless, Moroccan mountains, rugged coastlines and waterfalls, there is nothing in this country that will leave you indifferent. Morocco wrap you into its coloured daily life with patterned rugs and very alive and welcoming inhabitants, that believe in their god and no matter how international Morocco has become, remaining closely connected to the environment, they have kept their traditions and believings, still running the great tourism.

The most sporty people would choose Morocco as their vacation destination, hiking and trekking , climbing and discovering , nothing is more indescribable than staying on the edge of desert, looking all over Morocco's beauty and being surrounded by amazing landscapes. Sahara is located in the south of Moroccos, being an occupied territory, belonging to the colony of Spain, Casablanca is mostly a city to stop by getting from one destination to another, mainly not appreciated, but definitely worth of visit, representing Morocco on move, is a place where money has been made. Rabat is the heart of the country, with stunning architecture and palm lined boulevards that are kept very clean and organized, totally free of traffic and civilized. If we compare those two cities, the difference between Casablanca and Rabat is that the capital is more pleasant and so much more provincial than Casablanca, far less grimy.

Daily life in Morocco involves not much...for them sitting in cafes and drinking mint tea is one of the favorite things to do, the secret of their living, is to let world pass by, things changing and you being more relaxed than you could afford to be. If you want more, there are countless things to do and to see, to gain adrenaline, such as hiking up North Africa's highest peak, camel trekking, getting lost in the medina, and sweating in the hammam, for the ladies, shopping will heal you. You would probably wonder about their shallow entertainment, but you have no idea what kind of panoramas the local terrace bars offer, breathtaking, unique and stunning. Morocco is very exotic, always overwhelming and never expected, the madness and imperfection of this beautiful land will make you falling in love with it.

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