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Feriae August Augusti


This time in Rome will melt you down, when staying indoors with Air conditioner is the only option you have, even in the evening is still hot, and during the night is the only time when you are able to get some fresh breeze and breath ...perfect for all the romantic seekers in the city. The August is a holiday for Romans , they really know how to enjoy life, in fact mid-August you will find a deserted city , full of tourists , which doesn't mean that there is nothing going on, there are plenty of events.

Mid August comes from a Latin phrase, feriae August Augusti, which means rest of august, which indicates a feast instituted by the Emperor Augustus in 18 BC that was added to existing and ancient holidays falling in the same month as the Vinalia rustic or Consualia to celebrate the harvest and the end of the main agricultural activities. During mid-August there were plenty of celebrations going on , throughout the empire were organized horse racing and draft animals, oxen, donkeys and mules, were exempted from work and adorned with flowers. If someone

Ferragosto is a time, when you wont find no one around, everyone is at the sea or celebrating with friends, it's a very saint day when nothing should be done, they truly know therm Dolce Vita, any tourist would be jealous for the fact that this nation knows how to give themselves a break and celebrate. The Capital will organize a special days for grandparents Romans, museums will be all open and you can attend fabulous fireworks. Celebrated in the city, beach with concerts, movies and every other kind of entertainment.

City: ROME
Country: ITALY
Published on 01-Ago-2013
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