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The Puntarenas Carnival

Costa Rica

The Puntarenas Carnival in the coastal town Puntarenas of Costa Rica will be happening from the 5th until the 16th February. It is a continuous parade of carnival dancers and mascaradas, which are large painted smiling heads made to be worn by those in the procession as they dance to latino music.

A carnival queen is chosen on the first day of the festival and everyone stops to see the crowning ceremony which takes place in the Plaza Pacifico. Afterwards there is a huge explosion of fireworks before everyone heads to the streets for a procession through the town and then a huge party to mark the beginning of the carnival. There is an abundance of food and drinks available and nearby beaches are crowded with partygoers. There are also plenty of open air clubs to check out in the area for some hot record spinning.

It is an occasion not to be missed as the many people who attend (in the hundreds of thousands) and the colours and vibrance of the atmosphere will definately give you an experience to remember!

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