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Prague Summer Shakespeare Festival

25 June- 10 September, 2009

The oldest and largest theatre festival in the Czech Republic, The Summer Shakespeare Festival hosts a series of various plays, ranging from comedies to tragedies. The festival will start on the 25th of June and finish early September. The performances, the costumes and the plays themselves are all incredible and immaculately well done. The city's fairytale castles set the scene for the performances, including the Lichtenstejnsky Palace and the Prague Castle, as well. Opening the festival this year will be the premiere of Merry Wives, a comedy directed by Jiri Menzel, a well-known Czech film and theatre director.

Other performances will include the Comedy of Errors, As You Like and The Merchant of Venice. Although most of the productions are spoken in Czech and Slovak, it won't matter. There is magic in the air, beautiful nature all around, and grand performances on the stage. Many have even called it an experience that they would never forget. While held mainly in Prague, plays will also take place in other parts of the Czech Republic as well as in Slovakia. Productions will take place at the Prague Castle, as well as in Brno, Bratislava, Ostrava, Kosice and in the town square of historical Prague itself.

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City: Prague
Country: Czech Republic
Published on 01-Lug-2009
Section City Live
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