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International Television Festival

historic pearl of Europe, Prague

The historic pearl of Europe is no doubt Prague, with it's East European style streets and great buildings, with its alive energy in every corner you pass's also a city where a lot of culture movement is going on. , dance, ballet, opera, different kind of performances, specially in autumn, when the air gets really cool and people start to look for an entertainment in doors.

As every year at this time, Prague will held its 49th ITF Golden Prague festival, which represents the world's best music and dance programmes and films in all musical genres. It was founded back in 1964, when International Television Festival Golden Prague became competitive annual event dedicated to dance and music on the small screen. With every following year, the festival got bigger and bigger, with the artists and also with the public, and with every next also richer with international people.

By now, all the artists know where to be in October every year, it's like a meeting point after summer, to get ready for winter and big ideas and work. The rich programmes offer you workshops, concerts, presentations of TV stations, screenings and meetings with renowned directors, producers and choreographers and their works. The main prize is a sizeable lump sum that attracts something in the region of 100 submitted programmes. Come to enjoy the beautiful Prague and it's international festival 2012!

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