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Eurochocolate festival in Perugia

Sweet sin

If you are the one that need at least a weekend of relax, full of deliciousness then your next destination is central Italy, Perugia. Located in Umbria, the green heart of Italy, among Subasio mountains, on the top of a hill makes Perugia one of the most mountainous cities in Italy. Inhabitants are used to climb steep streets up to the highest point called Porta Sole (Sun Gate) at 494 masl and down to the Tevere river. This effective workout helps Perugians to keep fit, because the city is full of sweet temptations...

Not only the famous, heavenly chocolates "Bacini" (kisses), manufactured in a nearby factory "Perugina" are leading you to sweet sin, there is also the one and only, soon-to-come...Eurochocolate festival! Starting from 18th of October, you have 10 days to get to Perugia for a festival of appetizing, enjoyable sweets, everything on the chocolate basis. All the stands are opened from 9am to 8pm during the week and till 11pm on Saturday! Entrance is free and there is of course a possibility to try every little chocolate thing present on the show, and those good are really sweet and tasty...

After trying all this chocolate some exercises might be essential. This is the best opportunity to walk around the city, take a strong coffee in the main square and enjoy a pleasant afternoon in Perugia. There is probably no other city, where architecture lovers would be more pleased. You can simply take a walk on the Roman aqueduct, pass under the Etruscan Gate and follow the Etruscan city walls, take a jump into the medieval town and stroll around the cobbled marble streets, and then just a step away there are all the beautiful Gothic Palaces.

The heart and soul of Perugia is its main square, Piazza IV Novembre, where you can find a splendid fountain from XIII-th century decorated with bas-reliefs. All of them represent the 12 months of the year and zodiac signs, but not only. The designs were supposed to teach people about the seasons in the times when few people could read. In the pictures there are depicted agriculture habits and traditions for every month of the year. In the chapel of the fountain there is a little treasure hidden, the Virgin's Wedding Ring. As a myth says the precious agate change the colour according to the character of the person wearing it. Have you ever thought which colour would be yours...?

Perugia has a lot to offer, apart being beautiful and vivid there are delicious sweets and chocolate festival, cause Perugians know how to enjoy life. Don't hesitate Eurochocolate is waiting for you between 18th and 27th of October!

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