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Paris in 3 days

The most visited city in the world

Paris is certainly the most visited city in the world, with millions of tourists coming every year to see the City of Light. Spending a few days is intense but doable ! Here is where you should definitely go in the famous capital city if you have a weekend to spend there:

First day

Take the metro 4 and stop at Saint Germain des Prés, the literary and artistic center of Paris. Grab a coffee at the famous Café de Flore or go and check the books in the libraries around you !

From here you can get to Saint-Michel by the Saint-Germain boulevard, then take the Bucci street and the St-André- des-Arts street. Cross the Latin neighbourhood and go visit Notre-Dame after crossing the Seine.

Take the Henri IV boulevard and cross the Bastille place, then walk on the Beaumarchais boulevard and you will arrive at the Vosges Place, in the very heart of the Marais neighbourhood. If you are not already tired, go to the Hotel de Ville rue Renard and go to Beaubourg where you will find the Pompidou Center and its beautiful exhibitions.

Second day

Easily accessible by bus, you can go and see the most famous museum in the world: the Louvre. Enjoy the famous Joconde, the beautiful sculptures or even the mummies! Once out, cross the wonderful Tuileries Garden and the Concorde where you will see the National Assembly and the Madeleine Church.

Go from the Champs-Elysées to Clemenceau’s place. Try not to miss the Grand Palais exhibitions, they are worth it ! On your way, you can stop at Ladurée, a shop famous for their delicious macarons. At the end of the Champs you will find the Triumph Arc, surrounded by famous (but expansive) shops.

You can then take the metro from here and stop at the Trocadero station and see the Eiffel Tower. Don’t do like everyone else and do not go inside: the best view of the city will be from the Montparnasse Tower, for you will be able to see the Eiffel Tower !

Third day

Go and see the Royal Palace and the French Comedy theatre and then pass by the Vivienne Gallery. From neow you can take a walk on the Opéra avenue, Auber street and Scribe street. You can easily go shopping here, for there are lots of big malls and shops !

Of course one cannot spend 3 days in Paris without going in Montmartre, the most Parisian neighbourhood. Artists, musicians, cafés… The typical Amélie Poulain atmosphere ! Go and see the Sacré Coeur or get some rest in the Louise Michel square.

Enjoy the French beauty of Paris, but don’t forget to build your own experience of it ! Do not hesitate to stroll around the arrondissements and you will definitely fall in love with Paris. Among the other many things you can do are the Père Lachaise cemetery, the City Hotel, the Luxembourg Palace… A life is not enough to discover the French capital !

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