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Saint Valentines Day in Paris

Singles awareness day

You know that the grey month February is that grey after all, it's more red, called also Singles awareness day, as a joke of course. The Saint Valentines has become a pretty big deal for girls and a pretty big stress for men...don't forget to buy her a present, don't forget to spend enough and definitely do not forget the day itself!!! Valentines day has become a very popular celebration all around the world, it started small and sad enough, and now it's almost a national holiday for the lovers, this is the day you wish to be single ...

It dates back in 14th century, when the tradition of courtly love flourished, sending cards and flowers, nowadays it has grown into a huge business for jewelry shops, back in 1980 the big rock's industry began to promote it as a day to give away diamonds. It was a great day for women, and not so great for the spenders :)

Don't flip out, before it used to be just another normal day, where heart shaped boxes and cards didn't mean anything, in fact it did not exist. Back then Claudius was Roman Emperor, he believed that believed that marriage made the men weak, so he issued an edict forbidding marriage to assure quality soldiers. And that was the tie when the very kind bishop Valentine stepped in, secretly giving his blessing to young lovers, he secretly performed many marriages for young lovers. But unfortunately it couldn't remain a secret forever, so the St Valentine was killed.

However, it's just a one of the legends, and to be honest Valentines day can be every day, if that means more love in this negative world, it's all good, it helps staying positive! Some are heading to world's most romantic cities, Paris, Rome, Verona, whenever you feel like..New York city for example will have a gigantic red heart in the middle of the Times Square, red lights on top of 102 story Empire State Building and romantic couple walking through Fifth Avenue, sharing pink heart-shaped box of fine chocolates...some being generous in one of the most expensive Jewel store and designer clothes's up to you, the main goal is as much as possible to show your love to the world!

If you're lucky enough to be celebrate this special Valentine's Day in Paris with someone you truly love, you won't leave this city disappointed. The city has planned it all, detail by detail, the capital will be illuminated, digitized message boards to display sentiments of love, and allows individuals from all over the world to post their messages on them! Keep in your mind that it's Paris, and actually there is no need for occasion, the city itself is synonymous with romance.

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