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A Casa di Amici, Hostel Palermo

One year hostel in Sicily

Palermo is in the festive mood . Christmas is almost here but we at A casa di Amici are already celebrating.

The occasion is the first anniversary since the opening of our Hostel, which within one year of activities, has given us a lot of people with appreciation and thanks from all over the world, so we could not thank you.

Like any other birthday, in this case we have fun together. So A Casa di Amici thought about you, organizing a big party, the first part is a rich dinner where we can properly socialize and mingle with each other .

Next up will be time of fun with music from professional percussionists .
Our staff has in-fact, the best Sicilian musicians , percussionists and a lots of instruments to play all night long. Our Bar also will be opened all night and when you're satisfied you can relax in our cozy rooms.

So everyone is Welcome to celebrate with us our first anniversary.

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