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Between the Oslo Fjord and the green hills of Oslomarka lies the Norwegian capital! Oslo is different and at the same time - unique European capital. Oslo does not contain endless architectural treasures, although within the historical districts of St. Hanshaugen and Frogner, a number of impressive old buildings offer an undeniable elegance and charm. In addition, Oslo is the city that changes dramatically depending on the season presenting its own superb charm. From green fields and long summer days, to the snowy wonderland of winter.

Frognerparken: This large park, in the center of Oslo. Why is it worth visiting? It is a popular recreational area for both its neighbours and people from other parts of Oslo, as this a perfect place to begin a discovery of the city. Enjoy the various statues and sculptures (in total you will find 212 different sculptures of various sizes and sculpted in both bronze and granite), and if the weather is nice join the groups of locals as they picnic, barbecue, and play sports on the rolling green lawns. The interplay between the sculptures, the green areas and the architecture is a breathtaking sight.

In addition, don't miss the daily street life. Karl Johan in the heart of Oslo is the best-known and the busiest thoroughfare in Norway, with 100.000 pedestrians using the street every day. Many of Norway's institutions are situated here, including the Royal Palace, the Norwegian Parliament, the National theatre and the university. The Royal Palace is one of the country’s most important buildings, and a symbol of the Norwegian history after 1814. The Royal Palace is open to the public during the summer season. It is a great opportunity to see how and where the royal family lives.

Akershus Slott is the Norway's best preserved fortress and castle complex. If you want to see the face of medieval Oslo, you should head right there. The building of Akershus Castle and Fortress was commenced in 1299 and was used for the defensive purposes. Nowadays, the castle complex is still a military complex, but it is open for the public as well. In addition to the castle, the Norwegian Armed Forces museum and the Norwegian Resistance museum can be visited there. Take a stroll through the gardens and enjoy the historical site.

Since the Middle Ages Oslo has gone though great changes, even the name of the town has been changed a few times, before it became the city it is today. An extremely popular city with lovers of the open air and the great outdoors is waiting for you. If you want to experience the culture and the lifestyle of Nordic people, take a trip to this casual and relaxed city. Explore the Viking heritage.

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