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The Gem of Norway

Oslo's history begins in the Middle Ages and though the town has gone through much development, there are still many traces of its history. If you wish to learn about the Vikings, the Norweigan capital is the place to go. You may visit the Viking Ship Museum where you can admire the beautifully carved ships that once sailed as far as America.

Oslo offers much to see and do for any visitor. It was the home of artist Edvard Munch and you have the opportunity to view his works at the Munch Museum or The National Gallery. A popular attraction is Vigeland Park with 212 sculptures by Gustav Vigeland. A standout cultural monument is the 700 year old Akershus Fortress where many Norweigan patriots were executed. To view old and new, take a stroll along the river Akerselva and see old wooden houses next to huge industrial buildings. And don't forget to sample some traditional Norweigan dishes of fish, game, moose or reindeer.

Travel by boat, bus, train or car to Akershus, the “green belt” of Oslo. Here you can visit tiny villages, beaches and fishing localities and see some amazing lakes and forests. For those more adventurous visit Nannestad-Almenningene and Romeriksåsen where you will find any outdoor activity you can dream of. Try walking tours, cross-country skiing, cycling, fishing, swimming, canoeing or hunting all while admiring the stunning scenery.

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