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Oslo, a symbol of Nordic country

Fascinating nature

There are many reasons to visit Norway. Undeniably fascinating nature, admirable "fjords", winter sports and also the capital city - Oslo. A very symbol of nordic country. Landing in Oslo, already from the plane you can see the Holmenkollen ski jump tower. Lying on Holmenkollen hill invites you to come and check on your own how it feels to be on top of in-run.

There are in fact two towers, an old one and a new one, the access to the old one is free so you can feel the same thrill that passes through the skin of most famous ski jumpers. Would you be brave enough to throw yourself down?? After such a big natural injection of adrenalin, take a calming walk through beautiful forest nearby or stop for a while in a restaurant on top. Even if you don't feel like eating or drinking take a second to admire the panorama of Oslo, which might be a bit foggy though, but still bewitching.

Coming back down to the city take a quick train which brings you directly to the centre. You are in a perfect place to continue your Oslo adventure. The city won't let you forget that we are in the north. The Opera House situated in the old harbour was designed to resamble an iceberg! This is also the first opera house in the world to let visitors walk on the roof. Pay attention though! It might by slippery sometimes!

As our nordic tour is proceeding there is no way to forget about the Vikings!! Take a little ferry from the old harbour to the Bygdoy island and discover how Nordic warriors with horned helmets used to live and construct wooden longships that allowed them to navigate both rough seas and shallow river waters and finally conquer Europe. For those interested in Norway's culture and mythology there will be also no disappointment, museum covers it all.

Now we have to take a tram, there is another must-see waiting for us in Oslo. Vigeland Sculpture Park is a masterpiece of one Norvegian artist and architect. Vigeland not only designed the whole structre but also a created himself of all the sculptures. Just after the main entrance you'll find an admirable boulevard of naked human models held in different positions expressing multitude of emotions.

Few steps ahead aroud the fountain Vigeland created an allegory of the circle of life. All the stages of human biography presented in bronze sculptures. Vigeland Park is divided in two parts - sculptured and garden area. Since the designer was obsessed with geometry you will find the whole yard planned with exaggerated precision, but in the same time giving you the impression of order and tranquillity. Even though located out of the very centre this place is definitely worth going.

The last thing that you can not miss while being in Oslo is famous painting - The Scream, a masterpiece of Munch. Tip for that? Entrance to the National Museum on Sunday is free!Oslo is of course much more! Have fun and discover the city on your own. Try special brown cheese and a bunch of tasteful fresh fishes out there. See you in Oslo!

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