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Monte Carlo of Monaco

Royal and extravagant destination

What's your next destination? Have you thought about visiting the incredible and extravagant Monte Carlo in Monaco? After the Vatican , it's the world's second smallest country , located in the southern France, Monaco is tax free heaven , often forgotten and pretty much misunderstood. It has always been a destination for rich and famous, but there is a beginning for everything, and the Prince of Monaco started it all, marrying the famous American actress Grace Kelly, introducing the wealthiest citizens to a paradise. Between mountains and beautiful coast, it's just few kilometers, but what kilometers.

This tiny country of Monaco is literally squeezed into only 200 hectares but they say, good things come in small packages, and Monaco is alive example, this land is fulfilled with amazing land. It's glitzy and glam, Monaco is synonymous with an expensive and fancy car, the main characteristic could be described like this: the selfish pursuit of pleasure. And talking about the cars, all you will see, will be lines parked with Ferraris and Lamborghinis.

When to go? Any time, the climate in here is mild and with plenty of sunshine, plus, this short journey along the Riviera will take you through three stunning and i guess the world's best countries, France, Italy and Monaco. The beauty of Mediterranean coast will take your breath away, throwing you into a glamorous weekend destination. This place sums up the image that it has it all, great nature, climate, wild night life, glamourous gowns and expensive life, but don't worry, also plenty of space for ordinary people.

Monte Carlo is located on the stunning Cote d'Azur, being the center of the tiny Monaco. A dream vacation for Casino lovers, in Monaco there is one of the world's biggest and most prestigious Casino located, not to mention many luxury hotels and private jet, yacht charters, where you don't have to get involved in , you can simply make some pictures of them, and just enjoy the spectacular backdrop of the Alps

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