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New Years Eve Partying in New York

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New Years Eve in New York City is where everyone wants to be. Every year the city pulls out all stops to host a myriad of events to give every visitor and resident alike a night to remember. You can join the Brooklyn Bridge Walk into the New Year, The Midnight Run under the many fireworks that will light up the sky or simply find a club or lounge to see in the New Year with your friends.

Below are a few of the events and clubs you can choose from.

Every year over 1 tonne of confetti is thrown over the crowds in Times Square as the clock ticks past midnight. The famous ball drop on top of One Times Square building has been tradition since 1906 with an estimated 1 million people attending and a billion people watching worldwide. To get the best view make sure you arrive early. Times Square will fill up fast with the prime viewing spots taken in the early afternoon. You'll need to be prepared for a long evening so dress warm and perhaps have some food on hand too. Free music concerts will keep you entertained while you wait. Remember if you leave your spot, you won't get it back! Large video screens on Broadway and 50th, 52nd, 54th and 58th will also be put up for viewing.

If you are looking to do something else other than join the flocks of people crammed into Times Square, try a cruise to sail you into the New Year. There are many on offer that will float you down the Hudson River while you take in the city skyline, and then past some of NYCs most loved and iconic monuments; the Brooklyn Bridge, Manhatten Bridge, Ellis Island and of course the Statue of Liberty. Prices vary depending on the type of admission you would like and include food, drink, dancing and partying, and you will be treated to a stunning fireworks display over the water as the countdown hits.

What would New Years in NYC be without a few decent parties? The bars and clubs are packed with partygoers, most who have paid a premium to be there. Any hot spot will expect you to be dressed to impress. Cocktail attire is a must. From clubs like Room Service with seductive lighting, to Duvet, a club that has beds as it's seating – as seen in that famous Sex and the City scene. Be sure to plan early if you are considering heading to a nightclub party as half of all the New Years Eve events in New York sell out weeks before, and the closer you get to the New Year, the higher the ticket price becomes. The club scene is glitz and glam and will ensure a fabulous night out for your New Years Eve countdown!

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Published on 12-Dec-2008
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