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New York City Marathon

Central Park

Unfortunately this events has been cancelled for the cause of the Sandy Storm. But you can still join them next year.

New York is a busy city, with events, visitors and shoppers, one of the most beautiful cities in the world, famous for many monuments and world known shows, every day thousands of people heading to the New York. It's also a city of runners, many New Yorkers get out for nice run to burn calories or simply keep their health in shape. So here it come the marathon of the November.

Back than, in 1970 the New York marathon started with only 55 runners, now every year's Sunday in November there features more than 35.000athletes, with countless volunteers and over two million spectators. The course begins in Staten Island and ends in Manhattan's Central Park. That will be a great experience to cheer up the marathoners. There will be a great atmosphere, with all those enthusiastic people, who are willing to live healthier, that's what I call good things, all together in one of the most beautiful cities on the planet.

The New York City Marathon is the largest and one of the most popular marathons in the world and consider that is not that easy getting into it can be almost as hard as running it. You can also get in the marathon through their lottery or also through the charity program, yes, that's all about the charity, which is also a great thing to be a part of .So let's be in New York tomorrow and go for a nice run together!

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