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Welcoming Nadi

Best of Fiji

Set yourself on Fiji mood, it's a places, a state of mind to step back in time, time with no pressure, appreciating what really matters in life, values, as family, health and beloved one, you will be surrounded by splendid nature, tender breeze and total relax! There is always a good time to visit Fiji, the winter in here is more as a therm than a season, it's a country with rich culture and traditions, speaking native language which defines happiness. The cultural and religious ceremonies are one of the most beautiful you will ever experience, if the locals invite you to their village, make sure you wear modest clothes and take off your hat, wearing it could be a huge insult, once you enter someone's home, take off your shoes and keep in your mind to not touch someone's head. Those and many other tips have to be considered before going to this dream destination.

Fiji's is located in the southwest Pacific Ocean in between Australia and New Zealand, consisting of 332 islands, one third of all islands are inhabited. Fiji was explored by the British and Dutch back in 17th Century, in late 18th century the island was finally proclaimed the dependency of the British Crown. Everyone in Fiji speaks English, which makes your holidays even more pleasant, the main language is Fijian, English and Fijian Hindi are also spoken.

You will be overwhelmed by Fijians, who are by the way the most friendliest people in the world, once you shake their hands, prepare yourself to a sea of personal questions, they are just curious, they are extremely easy. Take a part of their tradition rituales, dress their customs , that will also give your Fijian holiday another dimension. Don't forget to taste traditional meals, Lovo is a magnificent feast, cooked in the earth, a little bit like barbecue, they dig a hole in the ground,putting in the wood, once the stones are red hot cover it with banana leaves , putting the food to be cooked on them. The food consist of sweet potato, tapioca, pork, chicken, lamb or fish...delicious. With delicious food, there is a drink that comes along, in Fiji it's Kava or Yaqona in Fijian, the national drink, made of pulverised root , believed also to have a medicinal cure, it's hard to be angry after sharing kava, it relaxes you totaly!

The make is a part of the ritual, a music, that embraces traditions song and dance, it's not just a sound or move , it's a whole story or legend behind each song and dance. Spirits of the island and history will be more clear watching make, take a part of their gentle and graceful dance. The music instruments used will be hardwood gongs, bamboo tubes, beating sticks, just as centuries before were used.

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