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Papua New Guinea

Strike a natural beauty and authentic experience

If you are looking for an authentic experience with limited information available in books, websites and no brochures at all, if you are willing to step into great unknown, Papua New Guinea will amaze you and totally satisfy your desires. Travelling to this island located in Oceania could be challenging enough, but this is exactly why brave tourist choose this place, to strike a natural beauty and experience the myriad complex of cultures.

New Guinea Island is the second largest island in the world, just north of Australia, Papua New Guinea is considered to be one of the world's most heterogeneous places, with several thousand separate communities. From which most with only a few hundred people, those few are divided by language, customs, and tradition...all of them very polite and helpful. The island is blessed with magnificent scenery that ranges from pristine coral atolls to volcanic mountains, dense tropical rain-forest and large rivers, a dream come true. the peace you can earn in there won't be find nowhere else in the world, as nothing is contrived for tourists and every experience is unique.

Papua New Guinea is the biological mirror of Australia, with many mammal species, and different kinds of birds and frogs, Papua New Guinea has a beautiful views, forests and mountains, with Australian kangaroos crossing the plains...prepare your cameras and jump into this adventure with those beautiful animals. If you travel to the lowlands, you will find pure untouched jungles, with some of the wildest animals, cassowaries and cuscus.

Papua New Guinea is a wonderland of alpine grassland and the elfin woodland, you will feel like dropped in the paradise with tiny little, colored birds singing a pleasant melody for your ears, and you just feel so connected to the great mother nature. This land has a great diversity, you will find sunny beaches, great forests and mountains, where snow can fall and suddenly early morning come with ice that coats the puddles.

Not to even mention the great diving opportunities in this island, canoeing, fishing and kayaking. They say it's the world's best diving place, around around its warm coastal waters, with striking coral reefs around the mainland coast, Papua New Guinea will offer a lot more that you will be prepared for, it's a dreamland, untouched and simply amazing!

City: Nadi
Country: Fiji
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Published on 26-Feb-2014
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