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Nadi, constant pursuit of identity

It is what it is

If you are willing to see more than clear blue waters and touristy attractions in any of the summer resorts, bunch of people and non stop partying, if you are searching for a place that hands you a fabulous time to relax and to be thrown back in time, Nadi in Fiji would be the best destination. It's a place where you suddenly get it all, the things you must appreciate and that really matters. Fiji has no other meaning than, Relax.

Actually any of the islands cities will be just perfect to put your feet up and to take a break from the current world you are living in, it will feel different and definitely worth it. In Fiji is a perfect tropical climate, the best time to visit is from the March until November, the temperature rarely goes more than 31 degree, the winter is more a term than a season. Fiji's third-largest city is Nadi, which seems to be in a constant pursuit of identity. Nadi is more than just a city, is a bit of everything, a tourist place, business hub, and so much more, every kind of traveller will something in particular to enjoy.

It's more than splendid to sit and watch the sunsets and sunrises, countless beaches are spectacular to swim and to surf, apart the stunning beaches there are many other things to do, such as Sri Siva Subramaniya, the largest Hindu temple in the Southern hemisphere, the Sleeping Giant orchid gardens and Waqadra Botanical Gardens. Nadi is known as gateway to Fiji, located north west of Fiji's main island, this little sun island will suit any travellers budget and taste.

Population in Nadi is just a little bit more than 10000, Nadi will offer you a great holiday option, with natural environment , bunch of restaurants, bars, duty free great shopping and inter-island cruises and sightseeing tours, and even those ones who are looking forward great parties, night-life here is one of the best! Fiji is blessed with 333 magic tropical islands, located right in the heart of the South Pacific, and considered to be the home to happiness, say Bula and be welcome to Fiji!

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