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Perfect getaway to Fiji

Nadi Garden of the Sleeping Giant

When it comes time in your life , that you feel like having a quality time with your self, there are only few places on earth , that could help you to find yourself and appreciate things that really matters in life, family , health, a great partner and beautiful nature that surround us everywhere, the secret is to see the best in every thing.

In a world, where fashion seems to dominate more than being real human being with heart, where money wins over true love and where no one fallows their heart any more,it's important to be in a balance with your self, being person who has no regrets and no shame on itself...Fiji is a paradise to be and get sense of perspective of life. The weather and great feeling goes hand by hand in here, the climate is tropical with the best season from March to November, the temperatures are in between 31 C to 26 C all year round, and winter is just term, not a season, beautiful isn't it?!

The top cities are few, and the third largest is Nadi, you will get confused, doubting whether is a city, tourist junction or business hub, there is a bit of everything, with years it has become a stop over, where you can have great time and find everything you were looking for, the most of the action takes place in the busy down town on the Main street, which has 1 km of shopping, eating and other commercial options to enjoy!

Being very modern, Fiji is still a place where to step back in time, enjoying all the gods it offers. Nadi is a tourist hub, being just 10 minutes away from the international airport, located in west of Fiji's main island, Viti Levu, it's a getaway of Fiji. The population is just over 10.000, but Nadi has both to offer, worlds blending traditional Fijian culture and tropical island where you will have your best modern holidays ever, there are only few places over the world left like this!

For the backpackers the favourite has become Newtown beach which is just 10 minutes from the very center of Nadi, that's the great thing about Nadi, everything is near by, reachable and totally enjoyable. And many different things to do, you could go for tropical gardens and plants, orchids, or go for a day trip to Nadi Garden of the Sleeping Giant .

Or a lively market in a heart of the city, the colourful Hindu temple, surrounded by countless great restaurants and souvenir shops, even if you get tired of the busty center, take a bus or taxi to the Wailoaloa Beach, which is over packed with resorts and hotels right in the middle of great party atmosphere. Whatever you looking for, a peace, tranquillity, party or easy stop over with enjoyable beach clubs,Nadi will take care of all kinds of travellers, and leave you bunch of positive emotions, and a trip that you will never forget, so pack your comfy t-shirts and shorts and get ready for a ride of your life!

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