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High Lights Festival: 18-28 of February, 2010

Montreal, Canada

Have you missed having a great time, party or celebration? The winter holiday season has ended, but there's no reason to stop having fun. From the 18th until 28th of February 2010 Montreal's 11th annual High Lights Festival takes place at select venues across the city. The festival and its program showcase a country, a city, and a region, while taking place in Montreal. This festival is a great attraction for everyone because it includes arts, wine and food tasting,light displays, and various activities all around the city.

Every year since 2000, Montreal High Lights Festival, has been an essential part of the city and symbolical end of the winter. The program is full of outdoor and indoor events that can satisfy even the most sophisticated tastes. The best part is that Montreal High Lights' Festival is that all of activities are offered free of charge. It is another reason that attracts so many locals and tourists from all over the world. Don't miss this annual wave of so-called “global warming”. Let the light and the warmth come into your life.

It is said that the night is the time when city life stills. But not during the days of festival. The white night (nuit blanche) is unseparatable part of the festival as well. Bright lights will be shining all night presented by Hydro-Québec. The Montréal Hight Lights Festival is presenting its fabulous Nuit Blanche beginning the evening on the 27th of February. The city will be offering more than 170 mostly free activities to be enjoyed all night long. Enjoy the daily life routine and enterntainment when the sun comes down.

The other special events include Dine Experience presented by Air France, Sun Life Financial Performing Arts and The Bank of Montréal Celebration of Light (various outdoors concerts, shows and activities). Montreal is widely known as the city of festivals. Experience the character of this fantastic city.

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