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Aperitivo Milano

All Italy like to enjoy life

Italy’s fashion capital, Milan, is said to be the “home” of Aperitivo and any of its most sophisticated bars feature an “Aperitivo time” that takes place between five and seven in the evening, sometimes going on until nine. Here you’ll find a vibrant crowd enjoying “La Dolce Vita” as only the Italians can.

Like most things Italian, Aperitivo has its roots firmly in the past but made a comeback in the 1960’s, the decade that put Italy back on the “style” map. Beginning in Northern Italy and dating as far as the late 1700’s, it is an authentic Italian tradition that combines delicious small-plate food refreshing light alcoholic drinks during the hours of early evening, as a relaxing prelude to dinner.

Many bars in Italy now compete to host the best “Aperitivo time” to attract the after work or pre-dinner crowd. Aperitivo now include mouth-watering bruschette, marinated anchovies, seasonal vegetables, bite-size cold or hot dishes, such as salt cod on mini polenta croutons and a great variety of other Mediterranean favourites.

The Italian prmium lager, Peroni Nastro Azzurro, is now seeking to share this tradition with the rest of the world, starting in the UK. The authentically Italian beer’s crisp and refreshing character, coupled with its delicate flavour, make it the perfect accompaniment for Aperitivo.

To brind the Italian Aperitivo moment to life, Peroni has chosen to work with Italian Michelin starred chef Giorgio Locatelli, an ambassador of the brand who shares the same values of authentic Italian craftsmanship and heritage that the illustrious founder Francesco Peroni first based his brewing techniques on in 1846 – a technique that Peroni is still brewed today.- Locatelli has been commissioned to create a menu of bite-size Italian dishes to accompany the world’s leading premium Italian lager.

The natural partnership between Locatelli and Peroni Nastro Azzurro symbolises a true sense of “Italianness” – passion, tradition and effortless chic -.

L’Aperitivo di Peroni will be available in a selction of bars and restaurant across the UK and consumers will also be able to enjoy it in the confort of their own homes by following Giorgio Locatelli’s easy to follow Aperitivo recipies.

You can also have Aperitivo in Venice, Florence, Rome, Naples, Palermo and all the italian cities.

Buon Aperitivo!

City: Milan
Country: Italy
Published on 27-Lug-2008
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