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Untouched beauty in Matera

Extraordinary town

Italy can be proud of many things and I don't mean pizza or pasta this time, talking about the nature's beauty and country which capital ruled the world for many years. The country has countless big cities and little even cuter and more particular towns...almost every place you go, gives you chance to wonder...of course they have to thank their geographical location.

More you go to Nord , more you will see one kind of buildings and cooler towns, than if you would move down to the South, and the cities are gorgeous, one of them is called Matera, located in the remote southern region of Basilicata, and it's still not discovered by tourists, so if you hurry up, you can still enjoy the charm of the real Italian town.

Matera is definitely Italy's most extraordinary town...from all. Very famous and well known for the sassi houses, stone houses carved out of the caves and cliffs. The story of the city all made from little stones is this, there was a terrible poverty , so the owners of the houses overcrowded caves home to livestock. By the way also the movie The Passion of Christ was filmed there, with Mel Gibson as a director, then the set moved to CINECITTA in Rome for the interior shots.

Consider, that Matera is one of the few cities left in a world, undiscovered and extremely beautiful, that would leave you breathless... unusual and memorable for everyone who visits, specially for its extensive cave dwelling districts, the sassi and high cliffs. There are many small churches and museums, many people also not Italians are buying houses and properties in Mateira, as they smell how popular it will become in few hurry up.

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