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Ancient Medinas of Morocco

Overwhelming and exotic Marrakech

A whole new world, a place , where nothing else matters, where there is no other existence, just this moment, this place and you, Marrakech in Morocco, will take your heart and soul to a journey that will be carved there forever. Whatever you are looking for, you will find, and surprisingly more, beautiful carpets, boutiques and galleries, smell of leather, sound of gold and people packed alleys, it's a charming mixture of both, modernity and traditional past.

Enjoy yourself wandering through the medina which is a perfect place to explore the life that happens in here, riad mansions, stunning palaces and get everything you can out of both, the old town and new town of Marrakech. If chilling around and enyin art is getting too boring, get yourself into action, bike rides in the palm oasis, horse riding and trip to the Desert of Agafay.

Morocco is one of the most diverse countries in the world, it has it all, high mountains to get extreme, deserts to get lonely, stunning coastline and bunch of outstanding and culturally rich ancient medina cities. You might get in this country by accident, passing by, cancelling another trip, but believe me, Morocco might be the happiest accident of your life, you never appreciate or think about until you get your feet on this land. It has this special vibe, spirit or spicee, call it as you like!

Once you visit Fez, you will get it , get lost in the medina, meet the best people ever, get hypnotised by this ancient beauty, that has been visited by visitors from all over the world for centuries and find your special one. Fez started to live its tourist boom only about ten years ago, in those ten years, Fez has changed it all, the appearance, it has become a new Marrakech.

Tourist money poured right into the city's pot, making the parks sparkling and the ville nouvelle spectacular, new hotels were built and old ones renovated. The city became specially favorite during the famous Arab Spring, which took their toll on tourism. Old Fez will take your breath away, with narrow lanes and beautiful food stands, where tourists mix with locals and craft workshops going on and mosques and an endless parade of people is inescapable. It's an incredible mix of the new and the old worlds, you might see a man riding a donkey while chit chatting on the latest i phone. Take it all in, Morocco will inspire you and probably change you!

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