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Palm oasis and riad mansions

Desert and Ouirgane in Marrakech

Just close your eyes and picture a place where rooftop terrace's soft pillows touches your skin, where sun sets over distant mountains and your lips touch a fresh cocktail...where labyrinth alleys seem to not have an end and where present perfectly fits with rich past, open your eyes now and head to a land that will make this fantasy real. Marrakech.

There is no rush, there is no hunt, peaceful relax, it's potent, spicy, fashionable, odd, full of chic hotels, galleries and sneaks, which seem to be just a part of daily life in there, in other words, a rich tapestry of life. Marrakech means a Land of God, it's a place that brings the tales to life, a place where you will see how meaningless are all the troubles left behind, all that matters is now , this very moment this place. Experience the places where Berber tribes once traded slaves,leather, gold and ivory, and where now the travelers fulfil the place of carpet bargains and babouches, look carefully and you might find some great galleries and boutiques, or just ask locals, who are very helpful.

Marrakech gives you an aroma therapy and tastes of Africa, it represents the whole continent, simple and amazingly unique, all the adventure will start in medina, the old city with some artisan's work and shrines of the saints, excotic and overwhelming and always unexpected. You wont wanna miss the famous Jemaa el Fna square, where the most celebrations are going on, crowded every single night, with unique spectacles and hundreds of makeshift stalls, spicy cakes, steaming snails and sheep's head soup, all that to taste. You will find yourself in the middle of Aladdin's wonderland, with fortune tellers and musicians, water sellers, acrobats, storytellers and dancers, surrounded by happy tourists.

In Morocco you will find unexpected modernity, where motorways goes along with the mosques, luxury bars and stunning hotels, clubs and soft adventure activities. There is everything you can possibly imagine, this country won't leave you bored or indifferent. Foodies will be overwhelmed by the choice of traditional and very specific dishes, its cuisine will delight food lovers, with a local food culture, that has been renowned throughout the world! Enjoy!

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