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Marrakesh charm

Beautiful capital of Morocco

Donkey carts out of control, ancient Berber cures, total mess on the streets, lost even with a map...that's Marrakesh's charm, being too packed with mind-boggling distractions and labyrinth alleyways. The beautiful capital of Southern Morocco is one of the country's most colorful and visited. Enjoy the galleries and boutique shopping and a great venture a dish of piping-hot snails:)...don't think about how different it is from what we are use to, go with the flow and take all what Marakesh gives you.

The old Medina is marvelous with its palaces and mosques, the incredible Jema El Fna Square, the smell of the city near markets, aromas, sounds, making its very own atmosphere.

Marrakesh was founded thousand years ago, but nothing has really changed,it's the same full of energy, warm people and hot as it is nowadays. Of course today as many tourists come to visit and also moving in the city, many cultures have influenced the town, features outdoor swimming pools, mountain parties, and street cafes, which weren't there 1,000 years ago.

No doubt, the most eye catching of all landmarks in the city is the Koutoubia Mosque, with its beautiful towering minaret, from where you can view a unique Moroccan skyline.

Palais de la Bahia is another object to be visited, an amazing decorated rooms and its beautiful architecture will leave you speechless. Museums in the city usually occupies huge buildings, like Marrakesh Museum, housed within the Dar M'Nebhi Palace, on the Plaza Ben Youssef, featuring an impressive central atrium display area, of course many others like Museum of Islamic Art and the Matisse Art Gallery.

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