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Marrakech has blossomed to become a world capital

One of the most unique cities on Earth.

With a population of just over one million people, the colorful and ancient city of Marrakesh has blossomed to become a world capital and one of the most unique cities on Earth.

It's an inland city, located more or less in the center the west of the country, 180km from the Atlantic coast-Morocco’s second-largest city and its population continues to grow. The city of Marrakech, which means 'go with speed' , known as the “Red City” or “Al Hamra," is located in southwestern Morocco, in the foothills of the Atlas Mountains.The city could be described as the “essence” of charm.Marakech town is a true urban chamaleon, like most other cosmopolitan cities. Nowdays people mostly go there to chill and relax.Marakesh has managed to turn itself from hippie enclave to exotic and chic, camp yet classy city, it combines Europien style with a remarkably well-preserved culture that has inspired generations of free-thinking, wellheeled incomers. The rich arrived in the 1930s and started to build up Art Deco villas for themselves, and it started to be fashionable city. Some famous artists and desiners went there to create fascinating and beautiful galleries, gardens and restaurants.the city has taken on a life all its own, and today, it is a center for culture, the arts and, of course, trade.

Visitors have a choice between Moroccan food and French cuisine.A surprising amount of vegetarian cooking is available here, but once you take a look at the assortment of fresh meats always cooking here, you might not want to bother. Most traditional bars don't serve alcohol, and the Italian-run Café Arabe, in the centre of the Medina, is a good place to sample tea.

Visit the Saadian tombs , a mousoleum containing the graves of 66 kings. Stroll past the Koubia mosque with its elaborate 12th century tower, the city features a wonderful combination of Islamic architecture and tropical gardens.When it comes to sights to see, the first reason why so many people flock to beautiful Marrakesh is the shopping. While the world famous marketplace square is everyone’s first stop, unique shops dot the landscape here, with each one promising treasures that you simply can not find anywhere else. You will likely be left asking yourself why you took so long to visit this amazing place.

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