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Araquio Festival, Philippines

Vivacious beats and brass bands

The Araquio Festival is one of a kind in the Philippines and in the world. It is Nueva Ecija's very own theatrical-religious presentaions dating back to the time os the Spanish conqustadors. Nueva Ecija is a province in Central Luzon, also known as the rice granary of the Philippines as it produces one-third of the country's rice supply.

Araquio festival is traditionally held in the month of May in this province. The performing groups gather at Cabanatuan City, the goverment seat of Nueva Ecija. The weeklong festival aims to recreate the expansion of Christianity and the war between Christians and Muslims. The festival features vivacious beats and brass bands, spirited choreography and moving voices embraced with a daunting literary piece.

The Araquio Festival is usually presented in May during town fiest, the feast of the cross. Because the date of the fest varies from one town to another, Neuva Ecija can be considered an Araquio province in the month of May. This festival starts with a Eucharistic Mass celebratioon and ends with the ever-elaborate Flores de Mayo. Each performing group is given a day or two to perform in the town plaza and thus it becomes a weeklong presentation when there are many groups lined up.

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Published on 25-Apr-2011
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