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Topaz waters and white sand beaches of Seychelles

Generous Mother Nature, blessing it with 115 islands

If you feel like escaping the winter and the cold, Seychelles will save you and set your mood on 100 percent of positive energy! 115 islands are blessed with weather, landscape and good food, mother nature was very generous spoiling those 115 wonders, that are all scattered in the Indian ocean. We won't deny that the biggest attraction are those spectacular beaches, white sand, blue water and lush hills.

Seychelles are located at the crossroad of Asia and Africa, northeast of Madagascar, being definitely one of the world's most beautiful tropical islands, the total area is 444 sq km, spread all over the Indian Ocean, 1.3 million kilometers wide. Half of the total islands are with coastal stripes and hills, rising to 900 m.

The Seychelles has gained a reputation of a luxury destination and it's as a paradigm of ecotourism, your breath will be taken away, by seeing giant tortoise and beautiful birds in their natural habitat. There are so many things you can do in Seychelles, from fine dining, relaxing on the beach,or enjoy some adventures in inland jungle.

It might be tough decision, to decide which island to visit first, or where would be the best to stay in , and when it come to find the archetypal idyllic island, Mahe is no doubt the first in the list, caressed by the gorgeously multi-hued waters of beautiful Mahe. You will have a spectacular panorama from Mahe's highest point, Morne Seychellois, which is 905 m.

Mahe is home to country's capital Victoria, great adventure opportunities and great place to explore the mountainous jungle, you can dive and snorkel with whale sharks, getting some adrenaline. If you feel like doing nothing, the place is yours, a paradise accessible to everyone, Seychelles with its 115 islands will steal your heart.

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