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Olympic games in London

Get ready for 2012

With only 365 days left till the opening ceremony of the Olympic games in London the anticipation is mounting. Already the excitement can be seen in people of all ages, with students putting up posters around school to show their support for the athletes.

There is already a clock counting down to the beginning of the games located in Trafalgar which started on the 15th March 2011, exactly 500 days before the games start. Just one day after the launch of the clock it become stuck on one time due to some technical difficulties. The clock was repaired in a few hours, with officials from the London organizing committee stating that this did not get them any extra time till the start of the games.

They are expecting 10.500 athletes from more than 200 nationalities,five thousand managers and coaches and another 20,000 journalists, producers hundreds of thousands of enthusiasts and fans.

This evening to celebrate there only being one year left, there is a ceremony being held in Trafalgar Square which will have televised coverage. Jacques Rogge will be there to formally invite all the participating athletes to the games.

During this coverage the new aquatics center will be officially opened, with the 1st dive being performed by Britain's youth champion Thomas Daley. This pool will be the last of the six main permanent venues in the Olympic park to be completed. The main stadium, the handball arena, the velodrome, basketball venue and international broadcast center were all finished earlier in this year.

To celebrate the up coming Olympics there is also a limited edition stamp coming out which will be featuring the expression "get ready for 2012".

London has enjoyed a relatively smooth and crisis-free ride so far, so they have high hopes for the last 365 days to go smoothly also.

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