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Lisbon , Portugal

A surprising city

Not a big fan of this cities full of tourists?
Go to Lisbon! The capital city of Portugal is still not the favorite destination of tourists.
Consequently, it's quite a delite to spend some days in Lisbon.

Sea, sun and history : Lisbon has everything a tourist can wish. Take the tram to cross the city and be impressed by the extraordinary architecture.
Or be courageous and discover this city at feet.

Start from the church Sao Vicente de Fora, walk down to Santa Apolinia and discouver the original Casa dos Bicos. The "Bicos" in its name mean the diamond-shaped stones that are on the facade of the building. Make also an excursion to Alfonso de Albuquerque, the site of Roman archaeological finds.

But Lisbon is not only history. It's also the scene of partying and clubbing.
So direction to the Bairro Alto neighboorhood!
Here you can find very lively nightlife and enjoy being in this surprising city.

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