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Hot Air Balloon Transcrossing

From Braganca to Sagres

Summer has brought its hot breeze and we all are in a summer mood, all the parties can start, evenings out with friends, lots of fun and planing next holidays with your family, friends or lovers..there is no space in your heat to be sad or depressed, this is the most beautiful time, full of hopes and great feeling...

So one of the hottest countries, literally, has bring you something special, Portugal hosts its seventh Hot Air Balloon Transcrossing, with 25 teams from three continents taking part. For centuries the gateway to both Africa and the Americas, Portugal is something of a gem tucked away on the edge of Europe.

Portugal is a beautiful country itself, very famous for gorgeous seafood and amazing weather, and breathtaking views. You also have to consider that it's too big country to explore in one or few days, and this kind of event could be very necessary to get it all in one day, or at least to see the places from up there that you would like to visit.

The route of this festival begins in Braganca and ends in Sagres. After Braganca the balloons fly south, with stages every 50km-100km. If you're in Portugal at this time, look up in the sky, and you will see spectacular sight , all the balloons up in the sky, your kids will be definitely out for the balloons , it's a spectacular sight. The horizon suddenly opens up and the countryside, all the fields, farms and towns, and suddenly there opens up a different perspective on life from a hot-air balloon.

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