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Land of the Incas, Peru.

Filled with myths and traditions

Peru is the third largest country in South America, after Brazil and Argentina and the 19th largest country in the world Most of the inhabitants live along the coast of the Pacific Ocean, nearby Lima – the capital. The area is mostly made up of a different landscapes – mountains, beaches, rain forests and deserts.

Peru is a diverse country due to the climatic, natural and cultural variation of its regions, which include coast, sierra and jungle. It's a country of geographical and cultural contrast. Peru ranks amongst the world's great centers of ancient civilization. The travelers are fascinated by their remains and archaeologists alike.

For nearly 300 years Peru was a Spanish colony, but in the 19th century native colonist revolts brought calls of independence, localized uprisings, after that the civil war followed back in 1821, with the Spanish finally defeated in 1824. But the next century Peru suffered a lot trough many wars, most of them with their neighbors, dictatorial rule and the subsequent political upheaval that comes with the territory.

Finally in 1980 the country returned to democratic leadership, but even today, the new presidential administration is hampered by allegations of corruption and mismanagement.

The capital Lima is a perfect starting point for travelers keen to get to know Peru. The country is filled with myths and traditions that are as old as time, a nation doted with spectacular landscapes and unbelievable archaeological remains, which proof the grandeur of Peru's first inhabitants. The territory is split into three natural regions .

The Coast narrow swathe of desert coastline, which is home of most Peru's main cities including Lima; the Highlands, which feature breath-taking mountain landscapes and picturesque villages; and the exuberant Amazon jungle, with a variety of animals and plant life.

Breathtaking history of ancient civilizations, tales of lost cities, undiscovered treasures, and unsolved mysteries make Peru one of the most exciting countries to visit. Travelers can explore the many legacies left by the imperial Inca Empire. Hiking along the legendary ancient royal Inca highway brings visitors to the majestic 'Lost City of the Incas'.

City: Lima
Country: Peru
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Published on 30-Mag-2011
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