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Land of snows, Tibet

Buddhist kingdom

Have you ever heard about the Land of snows or the roof of the world, which pretty much explains why Tibet is one of the top destinations in Asia. Take a deep breath and let your senses to explode through one of Asia's most spiritual country infused with the gods of the past and present, the very ancient spirits that will guide you through Tibet. It's located at the main part of Qinghai-Tibet plateau and on south-West frontier of China, on the south contiguous to India, Nepal, Sikkim, Burma and Bhutan. This Buddhist kingdom for centuries has been locked and mysterious for the rest of the world, with it's great mountains of Himalaya and Tibetan religion, which seems like everything for them, it's definitely one of the most remarkable places in Asia to visit.

It was forbidden land of treasures for explorers and traders, it used to be an independent country with its own money, language and government, plenty of monasteries were built, after the Chinese invasion, more than 6000 of them were destroyed. The live, breath and do everything for the religion, it's probably the reason why Tibet has one of the nicest people on earth, relaxed, thankful and polite, with a smile and patience. Many visitors come here to find a peace , visiting the great temples, and monastery sights, breathtaking high-altitude treks, stunning views of the world's highest mountains Himalaya. Passing by the marvel at the monkey cave in Gangpo Ri, the monastery kora, and finally get to the prayer hall, which will definitely impress you, full of chanting monks, get adventure in one of the world's wildest roads. All across the country you will see millions of joss sticks placed in offering at the many shrines and temples the faithful use to meditate and pray.

Many of you even don't know that Tibetan food has been major influence for Indian, Nepali and Chinese cuisine for a long time. Tibetans are famous for their salty tea, which might sound funny, but you can't visit Tibet without tasting it, Tsampa, their famous Yak cheese and butter is very nutritious and of course it tastes awesome. Vegetables are hard to find in Tibet, it doesn't allow vegetables to grow abundantly in this landscape , but for example yoghurt which seems a whole new world for Europeans, has been a Tibetan food for more than 1,000 years! Speciality is a Yak tongue with noodles, a lot of beef and salt, and of course tea, that’s cuisine in this country, it might seem very hard to get used , but it's actually delicious and full of spices. Te comes with religion, you will find many tea shops in Lhasa serving all kind of teas, milk tea, barley tea, and Chang tea, which is one of the most popular in Tibet.

For many Tibet is a uniquely spiritual place, where everything seems to be in its proper place, fleeting and precious, natural beauty with breathtaking landscapes, you will feel like touching a paradise, quietly and with calm, where nobody is watching, judging or telling you how and what to will feel alone in the best sense, it has this power to find your real you, at the best light you possibly can. Tibet has the largest number of monks in the world, majority of people in here follows Buddhism and they are very proud and optimistic about their religion.

You will have the best time ever, surrounded with such firm belief and optimism. What makes Tibet special you would ask? And here is the answer and also the big secret of their happiness, no matter where they live, how much they own, or what they wear, people know to be happy and appreciate that biggest gift they have, a LIFE! They are satisfied and happy, and that's exactly what you will learn while being there, to be happy! Try to smile to some of them and you will get back a huge , optimism full smile, these wonderful people teaches you to learn simple courtesies and way to acclimatize moral values in your life, Tibetans are new breed of humans, who have learned how to live happy whatever you have got!

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