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Lamu is a city in the Indian Ocean, Kenya

African sunsets are magnificent

With donkeys as the main mean of transportation and only five cars on the island, Lamu represents more than exoticism.
It’s hard to find words to explain how this place is incredibly charming. Lamu is a Muslim city located on the Kenyan coast in the Indian Ocean.

The streets are old, small, smelly, and dirty: quaint in one word. Careful where you step, you never know what you could find on the ground.
The city is quite small; in a few hours only you will have seen the entirety of the town. But you never get tired to discover a new corner or a small back shop, a café, an art gallery or a talented tailor (I recommend Ali King).

The port is the land of dhows and beautiful views. The cliché is true; African sunsets are magnificent. The town has some gems of places to see. There’s Whispers, an amazing little café that serves wraps, sandwiches, excellent lattes and delightful milkshakes. The main bar is Petley’s.

It’s a mix of middle-eastern furniture along with local music and European football on the television screen. One thing you have to know about Lamu and Kenya in general is you will have to wait for food or any type of service longer than you are used to.

“Polé, polé…” that’s how they do things: slowly, slowly. Be patient. For those in search of a quiet place to relax, there are a few nice beaches, such as Shela and Manda. The Maasai are part-time citizens of Lamu, they sell their art and jewelry and also work as security guards in some of the hotels.

People are extremely friendly, but it’s important to keep in mind that as a guest, you need to respect their lifestyle.

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