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Kyoto, Japan of your imagination

Pebble gardens and hidden bamboo groves

Everyone knows that Asia is the most spiritual continent, infused by temples and gods, from past thrown into present and walking towards the future. There are ancient spirits all around the continent, families teaching Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam or Christianity, above all there is a strong believe in someone powerful, in which nobody is forced to believe in, it comes naturally to do so. You can easily choose your very own Asian believe, city, country, temple , shrine to meditate, pray and believe.

Japan is a country where everyone respects the other owns, as a child they have been told to not disturb, to apologize before going mad, to respect and behave, once you travel to this magical land, you will see how actually clean it is, not just physically, but also mentally. In Japan there are two major religions, the ancient Shinto is old as Japan itself, the Buddhism was imported back in 6th of century. No wars between them, that's the best thing about Japan, the two religions have been cooperating relatively harmoniously and have even complimented each other.

While visiting Japan, do not settle only with Tokyo, which is of course amazing and capital after all, Kyoto is definitely must, such as Paris or Rome. It's actually the storehouse of Japan's culture and traditions. With more than 1600 Buddhist temples and 400 Shinto shrines, Kyoto reflects the history of Japan. It's actually one of the world's most culturally rich cities, where the wildest imaginations of Japan are hidden, geisha's greeting you in the restaurants, amazing gardens blossoming, golden temples standing proudly, and tranquil waters making your stay in the city most relaxing.

All the beauty that Kyoto holds within lies behind facades, doors and ancient walls, take your time to discover it, the more you look, the more you will find and love it! Kyoto represents Japan, it's a country that makes you think, it was never colonised, and you can see it, they have borrowed Western technology, being one of the best in the world now, but they have kept the traditions they own. The Japanese?

The most hard working, welcoming and kind people on the planet, simply never losing their temper, never complaining, living respecting rules and being simply kind. More you travel to this tide and organized country, you will more and more have a thought, Why couldn't we do the same back home! Stop for a while and think,it all makes a perfect sense! Give Japan a shot!

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