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Malaysia, multicultural peninsula

Adventurous jungle train in Kota Bharu

A trip to Malaysia could be one of those , kill two birds with one stone, because it contains two countries in it, cleaved in half by China, holding a lot of Indian traditions, plus the Malaysian ones, in few words making a very colorful cultural dish.

Borneo area is mostly covered by wild jungle and granite peaks, being one of the most untouched arias in Asia, there are also many amazing and very modern cities. Malaysia is one of the best destinations in Asia, that points towards Australia and Indonesia, most of the territory is covered by wild jungle and mountains, making the most spectacular scenery.

The great and real beauty of Malaysia is not concentrated only in Kuala Lumpur, there are countless marvellous places that will make your stay priceless, one of them is Kota Bharu, it's a decently small city, with a huge heart and energy of a mid sized city, warm people and great food!Still undiscovered for the strangers, usually overnight spot between Thailand and Perhentians, it's actually the best place to discover Kelantan, which is stronghold of Malay culture and one of Southeast Asia's greatest zones.

Kota Bharu has many villages around, which could be easily seen in a day trip, experiencing the past and present, which haven't changed that much, get away from the traffic filled cities, that are begging to party and go wild, get a piece of peace in one of the villages of Kota Bharu..get an adventurous jungle train and experience this untouched area, the attractions aren't the maximum, but will be just enough for relaxing getaway, many islamic museums, markets that will show you the best part of Malaysia's fresh crafts.

The city is the capital of the state of Kelantan, the Islamic influences are still strongly visible for everyone, so if you want to see the pure and real side of Malaysia, KB is the place, where other aspects of real Malasia are displayed. Another thing that makes Malaysia fabulous is the food, which is as diverse and multicultural than the country itself, you will experience one of the best assortments of cuisines in the world. Here, you will have some of the best food variety in the whole country.

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