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Jamaica, the best green garden

Jewel of Caribbean

The biggest Jewel of Caribbean, Jamaica, what's special about it? Well, if don't count the beautiful beaches, outdoor activities and the Blue Mountain Peak's view, the land itself is a huge , green garden! Also home to the world wide famous Bob Marley, Jamaica is so much more than just a pretty place with beaches, do not listen to the rumors that you get rubbed and so on, the only thing you're putting in dangerous, is your heart, that might be stolen.

Jamaica and its citizens is a world apart, so diverse, so different and yet , in desperate need to be discovered. Make yourself feel like Robinson Crusoe, be wild, be simple , be you, hit the road with the bicycle and explore the beauty around, and you might find the places that most of the tourists miss, spending too much time in their comfort zones of beaches. You can also hike enjoying splendors of nature and great panoramas or you can see the underwater world!

Jamaica's culture is colourful as its citizens, the food is fantastic, a result of both worlds, the Old and New. Seafood and rice, African spices, delicious tropical fruits, rich stews and so on...the food can be enjoyed while listening to some of the best rhythms of Caribbean.

Once you step into this land for the first time, yes, it's the crystalline waters to start with, then you pass to the great gardens of coral, have some food and start truly discover this magnificent land, it literally takes your heart and soul for a walk, after which you will never be the same. Soft sandy beaches and lash banana grows will bring you closer to its nature.

Kingston is the capital of Jamaica, squeezed between the enormous mountain and green space of mother nature, it's the heart of the country. This is the place, where you will taste both, the old and the modern Jamaica. In fact, the city is divided into two halves, the historical center and the banks, courts and great museums (the Bob Marley Museum and Devon House) are in the downtown. The west part is home to ghettoes of Trench Town and Tivoli Gardens, it's so laid back that some of the buildings still don't have any running water. Kingston is the mix of two worlds, the downtown and the Uptown, making the best chaotic atmosphere ever that you can not resist! Enjoy!

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