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Seventy names of Love

Fascinating places in Jerusalem

We could never imagine, that the holiest city in the world would experience war and never ending fights,,,unfortunately that seems to be the price to pay, every one fights for peace in the holiest city in the world, overwhelming emotions and so much more, the Jerusalem promises religious and spiritual experience at the same time. The city that has been united, the eternal city first built thousands of years ago, its history is closed in walls and wind, where every stone has a story to tell, all about the city that has drawn millions of faithful pilgrims for thousands of years.

Jerusalem is capital of Israel, a city which is old like a planet, but still adored like a young bird, beauty of it will leave you speechless, the only in the world, which has 70 names of love and yearning. It's the holy to the three great monotheistic faiths, Judaism, Christianity and Islam. In fact, the three religions have assigned that much importance to Jerusalem, making it one of the most fascinating places on earth to visit.

Every year millions of people, all kinds, religious, married , single , with families, healthy,sick, poor or rich, or simply curious, are heading to get some sort of heal..

Just having a short walk , you can find Christians quietly praying in the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, Jews dancing by the Western Wall and Muslims prostrate before Al-Aqsa Mosque. Jerusalem has an inevitably powerful effect on its visitors, breeding political activism, religious fanaticism or simply a greater appreciation of the magnificent tide of human history, so don't rush trough the ancient streets, plan your stay to fully heal yourself and enjoy it.

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