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Indonesia, the last paradise

Island of the gods

This could be the finest place on earth, the best travel destination that will set your mode on complete relax, Indonesia, melting along the equator...this amazing land consist of more than 13.000 islands and only half of them are inhabited, so in the rest you can play the lonely survivor. These amazing creators are spread in between the Indian and Pacific oceans, linking both continents, Asia and Australia.

Indonesia is world's fourth most populous country, with over 234 million people calling it their home, the nations capital is Jakarta. To find out Indonesian culture's secrets you might find difficult, they have more than 300 ethnic groups, each with a totally different culture developed over centuries. They are all influenced by Indian, Chinese, Arabic, Malay and Europeans sources.

For foodies rice will be a pleasant surprise, as also their cuisine is influenced by many cultures, the result is rich and unique. Rice is the main staple food in this country, served with veg and meat, coconut milk, fish and chicken, which are fundamental ingredients. Spices are common in every dish, the food is eaten with fingers or with a spoon or fork, they are allowed to use their right hand only, you will never see them finishing every single bite on the dish, this way showing that they have had enough.

Bali is country's most famous destination, it's a land that seems to have a magnet in its heart, it's a strange feeling that you will experience on their own skin, once visited Bali, you will want to come back or stay there forever, that might explain the huge number of population. Bali attracts with its natural beauty, smiley people and relaxed atmosphere, there could be something to do with the influence from spirits that certainly abide in this place.

Bali is also cold the "Last Paradise" or the "Island of the gods", or even better "center of the universe".... this tropical paradise is inhabited by artists that have created a dynamic society, that is well known for its unique ceremonies and arts...

Bali has two seasons only, the average temperature is 28 degrees, economically and culturally Bali is one of the most important islands in Indonesia. Rice terraced hillsides, sugar cane, tobacco , coffee...all the goods of the worlds can be found in this paradise...Bali promises a lot and gives you even more, the Balinese are skilled artisans , you will feel that on every step you will take in this fantastic island!

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