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The Paradise of Ischia Island

The largest island in the bay of Naples

The largest island in the bay of Naples, considered by many the most beautiful, Ischia is a gem of the Tyrrhenian Sea, hosting six cities, being the main one called Ischia too. It’s a volcanic island, and has many hot springs and volcanic mud, as well as beautiful beaches and famous food, attracting, therefore, up to 6 million tourists every year, more than hundred times the local population.

The volcanic pools are numerous and the main attractions on the island, but to enjoy Ischia at its best, you have to know which one to visit. The Poseidon Thermal Garden at the western shores of the island is the largest of the thermal parks, with more than sixty thousand square metres of peaceful and intact gardens, with 22 pools, private beach and Roman sauna. In the Negombo Thermal Park you can relax and enjoy a Turkish bath, hydromassages, outdoor pools and panoramic gardens.

Not only the waters make ischia awesome. It has also an amazing cuisine, being the most famous dish the schitanian rabbit or “Coniglio all' Ischitana”, that is cooked in terracotta baking pan with garlic, small tomatoes, wine and local spices. It’s a tasteful dish made in the most traditional way, with the rabbits being raised free and naturally in woods and mountains.

To explore better this wonder of Italy, one has to sleep well and have comfort stay. Ring Hostel is the structure that will complete your trip, offering everything you need to have a happy holiday in Ischia. Runned by three Italian brothers, it was established in 2002 as the only hostel in the island, and still remains the original. Located close to the port, Ring Hostel offers many facilities to make you stay more comfortable and easy. It has breakfast, wifi, linens, housekeeping, lockers, swimming pool, kayaks and pedal boats all included, and the common room is large, with cable tv and dvd player, free movie library, karaoke and musical instruments. Ring Hostel will make you feel the real Ischian vibe!

City: Ischia
Country: Italy
By: Poseidon
Published on 14-Apr-2014
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