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Vineyards and picturesque towns

Volcanic outcrop of Ischia

The largest of the islands in the Gulf of Naples, Ischia is an outcrop with volcanic activity that results on many volcanic muds, hot springs and thermal waters all over the island, what attracts millions of tourists every year. Ischia is also blessed with stunning beaches and very beautiful seas, with many resorts and activities. Summer is the peak season (surely) and it's when the population of the island grows with tourists especially from Germany and mainland Italians.

It was colonized by many civilizations for its strategic position and for the therapeutic hot spring waters, that nowadays are used in gardens and baths, can be found in small springs and on in beaches. Also some steam spouts are found in the island, even inside caves, what creates a natural saunas.

The most ancient and known springs are the Casamicciola, Lacco Ameno and Barano, all consecrated to greek gods. Some of the most famous beaches also have thermal gardens, like the Citara beach, at the foot of Epomeo(the island's highest peak), with many spas and beautiful clear waters. Other amazing beach is the Bay of Saint Montano, different from every other place in Ischia, with shallow and hot waters, located between two mounts and having a thermal park called Negombo.

There are much more than just beaches and thermals on this island, it has some beautiful villas, castles, museums, towers and churches. One of the most particular places is the botanic garden called Giardini Ravino, with a rich collection of succulent plants and cacti, exotic trees, fruit trees and rare specimens.

Another amazing garden is "La Mortella" originally property of an English writer, and so amazing with lakes, sculptures and colourful flowers that a visitor feels like in a dream. Ischia is a paradise in the Tyrrhenian Sea, it's exhilarating energy and mediterranean vibes, it's the perfect place for your next trip.

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