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Boat party in Ibiza

Paradise on Earth for clubbers

The best destination in Europe to party, Ibiza, is a paradise on Earth for clubbers. The island is part of the Balearic Islands, in Spain, and host three cities: San Antonio, Ibiza Town and Santa Eulària des Riu. Also called "Islas Pitiusas" by Greeks for its pine trees all over the place, Ibiza became in the last decades a destination for young fellows to party. The island has many good clubs and pubs, and its festivals attracts millions of people every year.

The clubbing season starts from the end of May until October, when the whether is hot and the prices very spicy. The opening happens in Ibiza Town with the International Music Summit, one of the world's most important music conference in the world, and after that, the clubs slowly start to open, one by one. In the beginning of October, instead, the clubs start to close, giving amazing closing parties.

There are about nine main clubs in Ibiza, some of them are close to the beaches, some in the very centre of the island. Most of The clubs have a room on the back of the club where the music is different from what the DJ is playing inside, some of the clubs have more than one room, some of them don't have anyone, and usually the selection of genres is varied.

A less intense atmosphere you can find in the music bars, that are often used to warm up for the clubs. Most of them don't have any entrance fee, and the drinks are cheap, but the DJ's are good and the vibes are fancy. Usually their beach parties start in the afternoon and get going until midnight, when the clubs open. There are some bars that are open until early morning.

One of Ibiza specialities is the boat party, where people can enjoy the sea and choose different cruises with the music style of their taste. It's almost a sin to go to Ibiza and don't enjoy a party in the middle of the sea. Many different companies offer different trips, with parties on the sunset, open bar trips, close to the bays or not. It doesn't matter if it's on the land, on the sea, fancy or not, Ibiza is the capital of the clubbing activity in the world, and it will exceed your expectations.

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