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La Batie Festival

International performers in Geneva

Bienvenue a Genave! Have you ever heard about the second largest city in Switzerland? Is the most international city in Europe, with over 40% of its population coming from outside Switzerland. And the main industries are banking, inter- and non-governmental administration, technology, and tourism.

Geneva's pride is to be one of the most beautiful and cultured cities in the world, sure, it's also one of the richest cities in Europe. Geneva has an amazing nature, with a rich palette of historic and architectural offerings, so many tourists, that you cant imagine, mostly because of its great location, being the main gateway to the Alps, Geneva sparkles along the banks of Lake Geneva at the foot of the Alps.

No doubt, there are also great festivals and events all year long, on September going on right now is the LA Batie Festival, that welcomes the finest local and international performers to Geneva. You will see everything, as the programme is very flexible, spreading more than 20 venues and ranges from contemporary dance to classical drama, unexpected performances, installations and the visual arts.

The programme has a great years experience, so it has grown with years, every time getting better and better, it has grown so much that the festival has had to leave its original home in the La Batie Forest, but it remains true to its mission of showcasing new and adventurous local talent, while also presenting high-quality visiting acts. But not only performances will be there to entertain you, many special bars will be open in old theatres or hangars for the occasion, with all the local crowds.

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