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Frankfurt Christmas Market

Chamberlain and Centenary Squares

The Christmas time is a special time, when seems that everyone become or at least try to become better...have no idea why, but our hearts just open to be softer than usually ,we love snow and all the atmosphere that is around...many stalls and Christmas markets all over the place, but nowadays it's hard to find the real ones, that were once upon a time ago, with all the delicious and beautiful goods, home-made and only the high quality. I would say Germany is as usually one of the best in quality.

Only there you won't find Chinese stuff and cheap plastic things, for them the Christmas is something warm and from heart to heart kind of you will find very charming little and big markets all over the country, with ladies making the best out of their stoves...bringing them to people and selling high quality goods. And there it is the Birmingham's festive Frankfurt Christmas Market returning once again to the Victoria Square with the Craft Market in Chamberlain and Centenary Squares. The market is on 11 years already, being the centrepiece of the city's Christmas events calendar.

The Frankfurt's Christmas market has become very famous, huge favourite with both residents and visitors to the city from all over the UK and Europe., it has become the largest outdoor Christmas Market in the whole country. Annually from the 15th November until the 22nd December you will be able to enjoy more than 200 stalls selling jewellery, handmade toys, ceramics, candles, glasswork and traditional Christmas decorations, and of course delicious food, Bratwurst, grilled sausages, waffles and glühwein (mulled wine), and sure, that won't be Germany without great selection of beers, live music and nothing else but festive atmosphere.

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