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Unforgettable experience of Gelato

Firenze Gelato Festival

Firenze Gelato Festival, Florence May 23-27 2012
The third edition of the event dedicated to Gelato, Food, Culture. An emotional path in the world of gelato, to know its origins and future. To attend to the live preparation of the frozen dessert in the open labs and taste the most innovative creations of the master gelato makers
who will participate in the event from Italy and abroad.

In Florence from May 23 to 27, 2012, the Firenze Gelato Festival is back to enhancing the origins of the frozen dessert in the Tuscan capital,
cradle of the Renaissance. This year's theme, Gelato, Food, Culture, will be laid out in some big side events which will focus on the culture of the gelato. On the one hand the attention will concentrate on the history of the gelato and on the context in which it was born in the Buontalenti's.

Florence, on the other hand the success of the frozen dessert will be retraced through the machinery and the techniques of its production. Scheduled some presentations of books on the history of the gelato and a special event which will enhance the work of Buontalenti in Florence, as well as photo and art exhibitions on the theme of gelato.

Concerning food, gastronomic paths through degustation which match gelato with top
chef dishes. At the cooking shows scheduled every day the big names of the Italian cuisine will realize brand new recipes based on gelato. In the evening the Festival promises to surprise with new tastes and versions of Gelato cocktail, created by the best barmen to refresh the hottest nights with taste and originality.

At the 2012 edition of the Firenze Gelato Festival, a special space will be dedicated to
those who have just decided to become a gelato maker, and maybe studied at school to
realize this dream. The selected emerging gelato makers will have the opportunity to show their competences and ideas: this initiative has the double purpose to assure a future of success to the young generation, and ensure that the winning tradition of the Italian gelato goes on being the reference model in the world.

The Firenze Gelato Festival establishes itself as a unique event at a national level,dedicated to the made in Italy par excellence, and able to attract the general public who's fond of the quality of the frozen dessert, mirror of the highest gastronomic culture, which puts together quality of the ingredients, refinement and innovation to create the topquality
Italian gelato.

At the third edition of the Firenze Gelato Festival are also back the contests, for both the
public and the artisan gelato makers for the creation of the summer 2012 flavour, the open labs to admire the beauty of the frozen cream coming out of the machine, the presence of Sammontana with the real Italian gelato, and the courses of the Carpigiani Gelato University for those who wish to be gelato maker for a day.

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