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Wonderful Moroccan town

Fez, where money pours in

Even if the heat has taken over the world, Africa is still a very busy place to visit even during European Summer, beautiful mountains, stunning deserts and coasts, ancient ruins will remind you of this continent's past. Morocco is one of the famous destinations in Africa, from Sahara desert to peaks of High Atlas, it promises a lot and you definitely wont regret it, lyrical landscapes and breathtaking waterfalls, coastlines and edginess.

The great Kingdom of Morocco is fulfilled with natural and cultural treasures, and it won't disappoint none of you, no matter what type of traveler of fun seeker are you. Morocco has few fascinating cities to be proud about, one is the traveler favorite, Marrakesh and another, not that busy yet, Fez, they both lie between Sahara Desert and Atlantic Ocean, two natural wonders, combining two wonderful cities.

Marrakesh is the tiny Medina fulfilled with shops and artisans, Fez at the other hand is the oldest of all Morocco's imperial cities, the queen, it’s living, chaotic and very fascinating city, with gorgeous mosques to watch the prayers and labyrinth streets that will make sure you get lost. Morocco is a country, where traditional Berber culture still lives alive, where traditions are the same, equally respected and welcomed as any others...just as it was back then.

Rabat is the capital of Morocco, even if it hasn’t gained its fame yet, it’s the second largest city in Morocco, located next to the Atlantic Ocean, the King of Morocco call Rabat his home. It has rich history but definitely a new capital, that still hasn't found its way to be one, not ready yet to be country's commercial capital. Rabat is pleasant and calm, divided into two parts, with old walled city Medina and Ville Nouvelle, the new built by be honest, there is nothing really to wow about Rabat, after King's wish back in 1956 it became the capital, but other cities still play little parts of capital city’s roles, Rabat just can't get it all together.

The daily life in here? The idea of relax is to sit in one of the local cozy coffee shops, ordering mint tea and just watch the world pass by, the meditation I would call it. The lifestyle in here combines both, old fashioned and strong believers people and very modern , open minded ones, it's very often exotic and even overwhelming, featuring unexpected mystique.

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